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Each edition of the journal generally comprises approximately 6 papers, a news section, an in-house counsel focus paper, and book reviews. We welcome the submission of papers for consideration from any of our readers. The Submission Guidelines are as follows:

Papers should

• focus on Asia-related topics on arbitration, mediation or other forms of ADR or be a text version (modified if necessary) of addresses or lectures delivered in the Asian region
• be written in a style that is easily understood by lay readers
• not discuss substantive law, although brief comment on substantive law may be included to the extent that it adds to the understanding of the arbitration/ADR content
• not have been published in or submitted to another journal or newsletter, or be available online
• not be on a subject covered in depth by any paper in the previous two issues of Asian DR
• be approximately 2,000 – 2,500 words in length, and must not exceed 3,000 words
• contain no more than 30 endnotes, the content of which should primarily be concerned with referencing and citation
• give proper citations from the law reports for all reported cases. Where cases have been reported, they should not be cited as ‘unreported’ or be given neutral court citations

All papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Please adopt simple formatting in the submitted copy.

Full guidelines are downloadable here

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